Screenshot from Jurassic World IIII trailer, with Jack Ranger riding dinosaur Gomphothreium

Jurassic World IIII is a full-length feature film my 20th century Fox and Universal pictures. It features actor Leonardo di Caprio who plays retired geologist Jack Ranger. In film, Jack is the only one who can form a deep spiritual bond with gentle, prehistoric giants. Bad guys try to sell the dinosaurs of the Isla Mysterys to the circus. Jack bravely joins forces with the dinosaurs to save the island and its original inhabitants. Jurassic World IIII is released in 2021.


  • Leonardo di Caprio as Jack Ranger
  • Jack Black as Gomphotherium
  • Directed by Tim Bruton and Steven Spielberg
  • Adam Sandler as Velociraptor


Jurassic World IIII was awarded the best cinematography Academy Award. Leonardo DiCaprio got the best leading male actor Academy Award from the role of Jack Ranger. It is his second Oskar. The first oscar was from Revenant (2015).


The scene where Jack Ranger's dinosaur companion Gomphotherium rides motorcycle through the jungles of Isla Mysterys was Awarded Film Makers assocciation of FX effects biannual price, Benny. The scene was made with motion capture and scale modeling. It is the most advanced special effect scene in the history of cinematography.

In the scene where Jack Ranger tricks Jens Kruger into the cave of Majunghanosaurus, Leonardo diCaprio accidentally pronounces it MEJ-ang-HOO-na-Saaw-RUS, when the actual correct pronouncings is MEJ-eng-HOO-na-SOUR-RUS.

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